20 - 21 November 2017 / 

speaker Dale Kutnick

  • Dale Kutnick is Senior Vice President, Emeritus, and Distinguished Analyst. His primary responsibilities are working with CIOs and senior business leaders to help them better manage and exploit technology and information to drive business transformation and enablement

    Mr. Dale Kutnick is an Advisory Partner at Millennium Technology Value Partners. He was a Co-Founder of META Group and served as the Chief Executive Officer and Research Director of Meta Group, Inc. since its inception in January 1989 till 2002, and Acting President from April to July 2002. Prior to Meta Group, he served as an Executive Director, Research Director, and Principal at Yankee Group and as a Principal at Battery Ventures. He is on the Board of Directors of Enamics, Customer Evolutions, and ReThinkResearch. Mr. Kutnick is also a Director of First Albany Companies Inc. since 2003. He is also on the Board of Directors of Broadpoint Securities Group and on the advisory boards of Lux Research and Akademos. Mr. Kutnick is a Member of Advisory Board at FA Technology Ventures. He received a B.A. degree from Yale University.